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    New  Pensioners Claim.

    The claimant owns a second home which is valued at £90k. It had been tenanted for the last 20 years and the claimant served a tenancy termination notice to the tenant on 01/08/2012 in order to gain possession of the property for the purpose of putting it on the market as the claimant's savings has been deleted having been retired for nearly 25 years. The last tenant vacated on 31/10/2012 and the property is being renovated before putting it on the market.

    The claimant is arguing that the property should be disregarded under the taking reasonable steps to dispose rule from the date the property returned to the claimant on the basis that it is part of the process of taking reasonable steps to dispose the property.

    Any thoughts on this one.








    Andy Thurman

    Seems reasonable. If the property has been tenanted for 20 years, it is quite likely that a certain amount of renovation would be appropriate prior to sale. Has the claimant advised when they anticipate the renovations will be completed?

    nick dearnley

    Agree, it sounds reasonable to me.


    The claiman is expected the renovation to be completed in February 2013. The property requires a complete renovation as it is in a bit of a mess.

    John Boxall

    No reason why you cant sell it ‘as is’

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    nick dearnley

    There’s not, but I don’t see that its unreasonable to do it up to get the best price.


    Well, he’s got till April 2013, at least, before you start pondering the question. Ala Sch6!

    So I’d say leave till then and enjoy the xmas. đŸ™‚ :santa:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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