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    Can anyone help me please on what date should be used as the application date for a reconsideration.

    LA input document received by us on 30.06.06.

    After writing for proof and suspending claim, information not received claim has been terminated.

    Within a month the claimant has supplied the information and asked for a reconsideration. Do we use the date of the reconsideration as the application date i.e. 25.08.06 or the orignal date of 30.06.06.

    I have looked this up before and got the answer, but I must be going loopy today, as I just can’t remember what it should be.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Vicki Owens
    Training Officer


    I’ll stick my head up on this one, and then duck before the flack hits 😉

    I think that you have to use the original claim date, as you are reconsidering your original decision, not making a decision on a new claim.

    You should also remember that this is not a new claim for PI’s.

    Hope this helps


    I assume that you notified of the termination no earlier than 25.7.06.

    As I see it………..

    The date of the request for the reconsideration has to be 25.8.06 but, assuming you are revising the original decision, you would be setting aside the defective decision ( to which I assume your temination refers) and issuing a revised decision which would be effective from 30.6.06 and your info received date would be the date you received the information to enable the revision.

    Assuming that you weren’t going to revise the original decision the dayte of the request for reconsideration has to be 25.8.06.

    Waiting, as ever, to be corrected!………………

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................


    I think the claim application date remains as 30/06/06. All you are doing is revising is the original relevant decision…and that does not change or have an effect of the date the LAID was received .

    The date you received the reconsideration is not an application date…(in my opinion)…


    Thanks for that. That’s exactly what I thought.

    My next problem is, is this classed as a change of circs or an unnotified change?


    I hope this makes sense.

    It is a change of circumstance however its not treated as such for PIs and MIS purposes.

    In Northgate we would input it as a c/circs but also complete the ‘notified in writing’ field as ‘N’…i.e. unnotified change.


    Thanks very much Oliver it does make sense. It’s just been one of those days and I can’t think straight!!!!

    chris harvey

    It can get confusing particularly when stats and PI’s are involved as well as effective dates of claim. In this example as I see it, there was a new claim received on 30th June that was decided some time later when the decision was made to terminate the claim. The time taken between these dates is the PI for the new claim. That decision was subsequently revised on 25/8. A revision replaces the original decision from the same date the original decision took effect (presumably Monday 3rd July). The revised decision is not a change of circs for PI purposes (revisions/appeals are excluded from the definition) so the revision has no impact on stats/PI’s except the section in stats124 that deals with revisions and the number of revisions notified within 4 weeks.
    So all in all we have 1 new claim, nil COC and 1 revision actioned within 4 weeks (for Northgate users the revision would need to be logged in the appeals logging module in order to generate the correct stats).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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