Recovery of Fees for Committal hearing

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    There appears to be confusion amongst Revenues practitioners in Kent about what amount they can add to the CT debt for those who have been summonsed for a committal hearing. 😕
    Since the fee to instigate the committal hearing was increased to £240 I have been advised by one authority that they can only add £110 to the existing debt, whilst officers at my own authority are saying that they can only add the cost of the fee if the liable person is not in receipt of state benefit 😕
    As a humble Benefits practitioner I am confused by this wide variation in approach.
    Having read the Court Services guidance on remission of fees I am of the opinion that the purpose of remission is to allow those with low incomes to access the court system not to fix what authorities can charge in terms of administration costs for taking recovery action. Therefore as with liability order summons it is up to the authority to determine what it could / should reasonably charge for administration costs and whether or not it should impose them on any given individual?
    Am I missing something? Or is there any “official” guidance out there?

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