Recovery of rent rebate overpayments

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    Just wondering if there are any Authorities out there who recover rent rebate overpayments from the rent account, putting the rent account into arrears?

    If so, can you share your success stories?!!

    Thanks 🙂


    Can I kick off the responses by pointing out that since any such overpayments must be netted off unpaid rent/arrears figures before applying to the court for an eviction order then it becomes a very complex route, necessitating a clearly agreed apportionment to each component of the aggregated debt by the tenant of any payments they make.I’m sure this will be the first of many contributions to your interesting thread.


    Umm, all the time, but let me put that in context. We only have a very small number of rent accounts now (hostels) so the overpayment is always passed to the rent account. Normally it nets off a corresponding credit, but in the event that a debit is left on the account the Housing Section recover it (allegedly!). You will not be able to get NSP for HB overpayment so it is important that the different amounts on a rent account (rent arrears/garage/former tenant arrears etc etc) can be distinguished. Prior to LSVT our Housing Department rent account was more like a collection fund with all the separate elements contributing to it itemised. You’re still left with a Housing Department having to collect your overpayment and I never found it to be a priority debt in their eyes. You also have to deal with cash allocation of any money paid in by the clt where he has both rent arrears and an overpayment. All in all I’m glad we don’t have any housing stock any more. Probably better to invoice them

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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