Reducing clawback rates

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    Morning all.

    When reducing the clawback rate for a claimant who has written in proving they are in financial difficulty, how long do you tend to leave the clawback rate at the reduced rate for please?

    What systems do you have in place to review the amount?

    I recently went on a training course where there was an LA that had a system over ride every April which meant the clawback amount increased to the normal rate at the same time as uprating and the notification made them aware of this, should they then wish to re apply they could. Do any other councils do this please?

    Any information available on your procedures would be good.

    Thank you.


    We review any case where the deductions being taken are not the ‘correct’ amount every April. If the decision to reduce the level has been taken recently ( in the last couple of months ) we tend to leave it. Any longer than that and we write to the claimant asking them to complete an income & expenses form so we can review the decision. If they don’t reply we revert back to the ‘correct’ amount

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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