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    I know this is an age old topic but a particular charity has come to light where we seem to have different things happening regarding whether to refer or not (some cases have some cases havnt)

    The LL is NBI ( National Benevolent Institution )- who provide charity caring for the elderly and the retired.

    They are a registered charity and have the prince of wales as their patron( will that make a difference i ask!!!)
    the rents are low – and they are not out to make a profit –
    They are not registered with the Housing Corporation.
    They do not supply support and care.

    Do I refer ?

    Many thanks


    These are ‘new scheme’ cases treated under the normal rules – so yes – you do refer to the Rent Officer.

    If care, support or supervision were provided they would be ‘old scheme’ cases with all the limitations on rent restrictions that go along with it. But even if this were the case these claims should still be referred to the Rent Officer – it’s just that the decision they give you will affect subsidy only and not the maximum rent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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