Registered Charity/Supported Housing Scheme

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    Any advice re the following situation please:

    New supported housing scheme due to open after the introduction of LHA.
    The scheme will be run by a registered charity which will also be providing
    care / support / supervision for the elderly.

    My understanding is that under current rules we would:
    1. Refer to The Rent Service as this is a rent allowance case NOT provided
    by a registered Housing Association.
    2. Do not apply the Rent Officer’s decision as the scheme falls within the
    classification of exempt accommodation.
    3. Use all of the eligible rent in the calculation
    4. Lose 40% subsidy on the difference between the R.O figure and the amount
    we treat as the eligible rent.

    I am unclear about the procedure post LHA.

    The DWPs “Housing Benefit Local Housing Allowance Guidance Manual” suggests:

    “Tenancies outside of the deregulated private sector that are not normally
    subject to current rent restrictions by Rent Officers, are exempted from
    the LHA scheme. These exempted tenancies include”:

    “Protected cases” (including accommodation provided by registered charities
    where the tenant is provided with care support or supervison)

    My question is does this mean:
    1. That there is no consideration of the rent officers decision or LHA and
    we decide the rent, in which case we lose no subsidy.


    2. We do not consider LHA but we still refer to The Rent Service before
    reaching our own decision. In this case we continue to lose subsidy on the

    Any assistance is much appreciated.


    I don’t think there is a subsidy loophole here, if that is what you were hoping. Reg 14(1) as amended from next April requires any rent allowance case to be referred to the Rent Officer if there will be no LHA by virtue of Reg 13C(5), subject to the usual excluded tenancy categories including registered HA. Reg 13C(5)(b) refers to exempt accommodation.

    So there will be no change in these cases: refer to the RO for a subsidy CRR, apply “old” market rent rules and take the hit on subsidy if eligible rent exceeds the CRR.

    Sorry if that has spoiled your day.


    Just to add to point number 3
    3. Use all of the eligible rent in the calculation, [i:2a711dc67d]unless the rent is unreasonably high.[/i:2a711dc67d]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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