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    An tenancy starts in 1992. The tenant claims benefit and Housing Benefit is paid from 1997 to 2010 based on the rent officer's determinations which is approx £200.00 pw.

    In October 2012 the tenant came to our office and gave us a Notice of the  Rent Assessment Committee Decision on an Assured Periodic Tenancy showing a Registered Rent of £200.00 per month (the property was in very poor condition). We were not aware that the rent had been registered prior to this. The date of the decision is November 2005. The tenant (for reasons known only to himself) insists that his housing benefit from  2005 – 10 should be recalculated.

    As I see it the Registered Rent should be used instead of the rent officer's determination but only for one year from the date of the decision.

    Am I right?   






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