Registration Certificates

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    The value or otherwise of these in relation to HB claims has previously been discussed on these forums.

    CIS/2946/2008 on the Commissioner’s website provides grounds for believing they are not very helpful for benefit claimants:

    Judge Rowland says at para 18 ‘…The only effect of doing so, as far as I can see, is to enable an applicant to obtain “proof of the holder’s right of residence in the United Kingdom as at the date of issue”, which is what the definition of “registration certificate” in regulation 2(1) says the effect is. Such proof is of virtually no practical value to the holder in relation to a social security claim because it begs the question whether the grounds upon which the registration certificate was issued still subsist at the date material to the claim for benefit. ‘

    And at para 21 ‘…However, I do not see how one can imply from those provisions an intention that the right of residence recognised by a registration certificate should continue until the certificate is revoked when that is not only not the natural effect of the language of regulation 16 but, more importantly, it would also flatly contradict the definition of “registration certificate” in regulation 2(1).’

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