rehab anf HB on 2 homes….. HELP

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    Ok – I have a council tenant in sunny nottingham.

    He has gone into a rehab centre for a 6 month program.

    Was quite happy that med approved care so could pay….. UNTIL rehab centre advised that clmt was getting HB at there property for the 6 month stay.
    They seem to think clmt can have hb on 2 homes (apparently “most” of their clientss get hb at the centre and at their usual home)

    Im seriously doubting myself – surely – HB only payable on main residence?? Am I missing something blindingly obvious??? Rehab centre state they are a charity and provide support and full board as well as re hab. I would have thought NHS/ social services to funsd this is medically required? I really don’t think I can pay him at the council house while he’s getting HB at the rehab center….. Can I????

    Kevin D

    The only provision for 2-homes is under HBR 7(6).

    Unless the claimant’s circumstances fall within those provisions, HB cannot be paid on 2 homes – there is no discretion. If the rehab centre thinks otherwise, it is wrong.

    Based on the bare info available so far, HB is only payable on the council dwelling and only if the clmt intends to return to live at his usual dwelling (as a home) within 52 weeks, or a period not substantially exceeding.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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