Relationship between AIF and AIP

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    I have already mentioned this query as part ofanother discussion but I remain unsure of the answer. Bearing in mind that the point of the message board is to clarify important questions or nuances here goes…

    Our bible the Pension Credit Handbook suggests that the AIP cannot be set where one of the couple is under 60 (SEE part 110, 111). How does this square itself with the AIF which is surely linked to the AIP? Or are the existance of the two not necessarily linked? Questions eh?
    Apologies if this has been dealt with elsewhere…
    Anybody got any thoughts… ❓ ❓

    david farrar

    AIF and AIP are in no way linked.

    The AIP is basically a period set by the Pensions Service, I believe the maximum is 9 years, during which the pensioner only needs to notify life event changes.

    The length of the AIP is supposed to be based upon the likelihood of a change in circumstances, e.g, if pensioner is 61 and it is known that they will receive a works pension on 65th birthday, it would be expected that AIP would be for 4 Years, alternatively if there are no expected changes the AIP may be set for 9 years.

    If has no impact on HB/CTB as the AIP is an internal device for PS.

    During the AIP, the AIF may be uprated or varied if there is a relevant notifiable change.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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