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    Hi everyone,
    Quick query here. In situations were a claimant goes straight from IS to JSA without break what date do we action the change from.

    Which rule takes preference, is it the relevant benefit rule – where the change takes place from the day, or is it the normal rule, where the chnage takes place from the following monday.

    Eg JSA ceases 28.09.2010. IS commences from the 29.09.2010.

    If we apply the normal rules then we would amend the claim from the 04.10.2010 the following monday after JSa ceased, but then this means there is an overlap between 29.09.2010 and the 04.01.2010.

    If we use the relevant benefit rules then IS would be applied from the 29.09.2010.

    Which rules do you think take precedence?


    There is no effect on claim anyway, so I would amend from 04/10/10. Continuous relevant benefit. Also, the RB rule applies to awards or increases of an RB….could argue that as was on one anyway, there’s no change, so not an award as such. So Mon following for the cessation and Mon following for the IS award.

    Kevin D

    The relevant benefit rule applies. The change should take effect from 29/09/10. As the change is to a passporting benefit, all other income / cap is disregarded from the same date in any case so any “overlap” of income is negated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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