Reluctance to follow advice in A12/2007

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    are there any Local authorites who have continued to request evidence of Capital when the claim was made through CMS , and the claimant is entitled to either Contribution based jobseekers allowance or Incapacity Benefit?
    I am aware that capital under £2500 is not veified by DWP ,therfore in the majority of cases no verifcation is carried out of capital because savings levels printed on LAID are rarley above £2500.
    the advice in the original circular was to accept the verifcation if it has been used by the jobcentre when they processed the claim for the primary benefit. Howvever if the claimant is not entitled to a passporting benefit is the information treated as not used by them?
    It would be helpful to know how much verifcation is still being carried out by other LA following receipt of a LAID and customer is on JSA(C) OR Incap.


    We are currently having the same discussion here.

    At present, where a claimant gets JSA(C) or incap we obtain evidence of capital independent of DWP. However we are less and less certain that jhis is a requirement.

    I will post again if and when we make a decision to change.



    We also request this informaton from claimants.


    Any more thoughts on this following the new telelphone claims process for pensioners claiming HB/CTB at the same time as Pension credit.
    where the LAC1 forms are marked as below threshold, ie savings less than 6k and customer is not entitled to pension credit are you accepting that information without verification?


    No. 8)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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