Remunerative work definitions

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    Tying myself in knots here. Am I right in thinking there are conflicting definitions of remunerative work? I have a claimant on maternity pay paying childcare. She was in remunerative work prior to going on maternity leave so I have convinced myself that under HB reg 28 (2006), the childcare disregard should apply.

    However, for the purposes of reg 6 (Hb regs 06, again), maternity leave doesn’t count as remunerative work.

    I am fairly satisfied in the above, but before I rush off to our software providers (IBS) and ask why the system will not allow a distinction (it will allow the additional earnings disregard AND childcare, but not either/or), I’d be grateful for the reassurance that I won’t be making a total fool of myself. Though obviously I’m prepared to appear foolish here!

    Kevin D

    Is HBR 28(14) what you are looking for?

    Can’t recall for sure, but doesn’t IBS require 16+ hours to be entered against the SMP? (Even though the hours are not actually being worked). I’ll get a reminder on Monday – back assessing (using IBS) 🙂 .


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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