Rent based on the number of occupants

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    Hello. This is my first ever post, so please be patient with me! I also hope I’m not asking a daft question.

    I have 2 claims from 2 ladies sharing a room in LA homeless accomodation. They have both had live claims since April this year. The homeless officer stated at the time that the rent for the room was £40 each daily but that the (ineligible) service charges were split 50/50 between the 2 occupants. The claims were processed and have paid out on this basis.

    I now have notification from the DWP that the ladies are in fact a couple and have been since before the start of their tenancies.

    Normally at this address the rent is £40 daily for a room but if the room is occupied by a couple the rent charged is £80 daily.
    I’ve now started to wonder about this. If the charge is “per person” is it actually rent? Rent is paid to physically occupy a property/room and surely you can’t pay rent twice for the same physical space?

    For example, if a housing association advised me that they were moving two tenants into the same house and charging both tenants the rent for the house I would think it unlikely that HB would be paid for 2 rents for the same property.

    Any thoughts?

    If it is a stupid query, please put me out of my misery quickly with an answer.


    Hi John

    Never a daft question on here.

    It does not have to be “rent” to qualify for HB. Merely a lawfully due charge to cover accommodation that is not excluded as such. Some hostels / hotels charge per room, some per night. Unlike a housing assoc, your claimants will not have security of tenure, probably just a licence.

    You may have a point that the landlord will make a bit more profit from a couple than a single but thats just a fact of economic life.


    that’s great. thanks for your help.

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