Rent Increase effective from Anniversary date

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    I have a case with an anniversary date of June’11.

    The rental charge at June’10 was £92.31 per week.
    The BRMA at June’10 was £98.08.

    The tenant advised of a rent increase in Nov’10 to £94.62pw.

    Now we have reached the anniversary date we are looking at Protection, and the rent increase.

    My BRMA in June’11 has reduced to £87.69pw.

    From June’11 does the protection revert to £92.31per week or do we look at the rent increase and award £94.62per week for the protection period?

    I have tried reading previous threads and just found I got confused.
    Thanks very much



    I think it works like this…

    Assuming your claimant was entitled to an Excess the June 10 ‘Eligible Rent’ was £98.08.

    In June 11 protection is based on the lower of the actual rent or previous ‘Eligible Rent’; i.e. £94.62.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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