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    Claimants rent lower for first month of tenancy £350 which resulted in us paying the rent of £80.77 and the top up of £15. The rent then increased to the normal amount of £550 per calendar month from the next month. The LHA rate for the property is £109.62. Our system has calculated that she is still only entitled to the £95.77. We have looked into this and have seen that everywhere says that a rent increase would not affect LHA rate until review but is this the same if they are being limited to below the LHA rate now? Also the rent increase is contractual and on the original tenancy agreement-would this make a difference? Sorry but our system does some funny things with LHA claims so need to be sure! Thanks


    Our system also does some strange things but we have encountered the same outcome in this scenario. I believe it’s correct (i.e. the rent increase is ignored therefore there is no need for entitlement to be recalculated). The only change should be in the excess payment.

    Once there is a change in the LHA catergory (probably the anniversary date if there is no change in household) entitlement will be recalculated and the LHA rate will be awarded.

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