rent officer and contractual rent increases

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    I have a claimant who has appealed against the amount of benefit they are entitled to- to consider their appeal I need to know whether their rent is contractual or not and if we have referred it correctly to the rent officer- I have read various threads but still unsure. Can someone please help?

    The claimants rent has remained the same of £300 per month since 2000 to 06.04.2010 (we refer his rent every February) he then sent in a letter dated the 15.03.2010 saying that his tenancy agreement was going to expire on the 05.04.2010 and that all terms and conditions of the current agreement remain in effect except the rent.

    The letter states the new rent from the 06.04.2010 to 05.04.2012 will be £325 per month…

    We have then received a letter dated the 20.01.2012 saying that his tenancy expires again on the 05.04.2012 and that all terms and conditions of the current agreement remain the same accept the rent and his rent will increase from 06.04.2012 to 05.04.2014 to £350 per month…

    Would we class this as a contractual rent increase now?


    No, in a word. A contractulal rent increase is written into the contract, not imposed after it ends from the start of the next one.

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