Report to show entitlement to HB from 1.4.13

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    Due to a problem with our rent interface we have only just run HB year end at the weekend.  Our main HA wants to know how much all their claimants are entitled to from 1.4.13 so they can sort out DDs etc….

    I have tried to run a report on business objects to show me entitlement for all HA claims but its only showing their current weekly entitlement (as at todays date) not frrom 1.4.13.

    Can anyone give me some advise please or do you know of another report I could run.

    Thank you


    Darren W

    I have not done it but I think you can run the RBE482 job for this. I have only ever used it for LAHRA claims but there is a LL number box. You might have to run it a number of times for each of your payment schemes.

    Would try it in TEST first to makes sure it works,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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