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    wonder if you can help with this……..

    is there any method, for an authority, to report change of circs to the Inland Revenue.

    we tried phoning them, but they said the change had to come from the claimant themselves.

    this case had the claimant on Jobseekers Income based being paid tax credits….. the IR didn’t want to know about the change because it was not made by the person affected.

    is this right?


    What are the regs on which DWP benefits can be claimed whilst still in receipt of ongoing tax credits?

    I know our HB/CTB system(ORACLE) will not accept some scenarios(I forget which combination right now 😕 )

    There should be a mutual exchange of information with the Inland Revenue…at least they should be prepared to contact the claimant and ascertain if they have changes they wish to tell about… 😉

    Julian Hobson

    Karen – you may well have found a discrepancy but I have no idea how to tell the IR officially or whether they even want us to stick our noses in. However – can I just point out that it is entirely possible to get the New Tax Credits and JSA(IB) as well. For example, Child Tax Credit and JSA(IB)/IS will be a very common combination soon. Maybe you were referring to Working Tax Credit – if so just ignore me!


    thanks folks – glad it’s not just me

    Mark – sorry, should have clarified – it was Working Tax Credits, so back to the drawing board then ❓ 😥

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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