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    R Southall

    Could anyone advise if the Tax Credit helpline is obliged to provide written confirmation of an award if requested by a Local Authority. I have today contacted them as one of our claimants is clearly receiving regular payments of CTC, the last award notice provided indicated she had been overpaid both CTC/HB. The “help”line has confirmed she was notified of her 2004-’05 award on 24/5/04 but was unable to provide me with the details required for HB.

    I don’t have a great deal of contact with helpline as I deal with Q & C & training issues. I would be interested with anyone elses opinion of the information received, does it vary considerably dependent on who you speak to.

    In an ideal world it would be far easier if this information was available on the RAT, any prospect of this happening in future?


    When I visited my local JCP, they had a “rat-type” link to IR and could view Tax Credit details – so if they can why can’t we?

    My understanding is that this may have been the reason why Tax Credit’s are not included on the CMS questionnaire – but no one could confirm for sure.


    I used to deal with the Inland Revenue Helpline almost daily and the advice definately does vary from person to person.

    We use a worksheet which details all info required for calculating the award and go through each part asking for certain info and sometimes they say they cant provide it.

    What we ended up doing was phoning back because chances are you would get someone different and go through same stuff again. If your lucky you will get one that knows their stuff but they appear to be few and far between.

    I also find them very unhelpful in general. Almost a defensive attitude prevails.



    Just for the record I called up & requested 5 duplicate e’ment notices for 1 of out tenants 6 weeks ago as the tenant has called several times requesting this & was getting nowhere. The tenant has had a “few” changes in the past year & I advised tax credits of this & if they could reprint these out then we could finally get this claim sorted.

    The tenant came in last week & showed a letter she had received telling us this years entitlement, no award letters, no info on how much had been paid out or anything.

    Is it so difficult to understand the requests of their claimants????? :15:


    Our worksheet avoids the need to see the actual award notices.

    The questions asked cover every possible scenario and we regularly calculate awards based on the worksheets. We had a case where a claimant couldnt find award notices and IR couldnt provide duplicates (no shocks there) and we used the worksheets.

    On the sheet we date it and put the name of the IR employee we spoke with to obtain the info.

    Perhaps this is an option and a way of getting round this?




    Are you able to send me a copy of your worksheet you use for tax credits?

    Thanks if possible.


    Cheeky I know but we’re having terrible trouble with tc’s at the moment. I’d love to see your work sheet if at all possible.

    Val Baker 😀


    me too please, thanks in advance


    On its way


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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