Revised awards for 2003/4

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    Julian Hobson

    Revised awards – somtimes a little personal experience puts things in perspective.

    My wife an I received our revised Tax credit award notice on saturday (for 2003/4), having advised IR about a month ago that My wifes earnings had altered over much of 2003/4 due to a period of materninty leave.

    We were amazed to see that whilst I worked 37 hours I received no renumeration and as a result we were due approx £2,500 and that it had already landed in my wifes account ! It is clearly wrong, I don’t know whether they will accept the money back (I’ve heard of them refusing to accept repayment) or whether they will prefer to deduct any current (and there might not be any) CTC from the overpayment once calculated.

    We have had much discussion around how to treat Overpayments but what to do if the assessment I describe was correct and applied to one of our customers. The payment is arrears and so I presume disregarded, and whilst our continuing award for 2004/5 will be wrong, if it were a customer it might be right.

    Is there a windfall in the offing for those benefit customers that took the gamble of late notification of a beneficial change ?


    I seem to remember about a year ago talk of such things!
    For those on Hb/Ctb, providing they could survive on the lower income due to lack of Tc or less Tc than would otherwise be paid should actual circs be taken into acoount for a period of time, there could be a potential large lump sum paid when a late notification is finally re-calced. We of course would pay a higher potential amount of Hb/Ctb in the meantime until any adjustment is made. I think I predicted controversially, some would delay on purpose in order to accrue this sum, however I did not factor on the revenue’s performance generally whether or not a coc was notified sooner rather than later.
    This is not a unique case; there must be thousands still struggling to balance their household budgets… and this process is beginning again.

    Julian Hobson

    Here is an update

    They accepted confirmation of my salary for 2003/4 over the phone BUT when they amended the award they removed all the Child care costs !!! So the revised award for 2003/4 is wrong. (still awaiting the revised 2004/5)

    according to the notification the Overpayment is recoverable from future years payments and so we won’t be getting any TC for 2004/5 apart from that which has been overpaid already (but yet to receive notification of that or the revised 2004/5 award).

    If they decide that we are not entitled to TC for 2004/5 there will be no future payment to deduct from.

    We have yet to decide whether to spend it, save it, send it back, forget about it, appeal against it and really won’t know what to do until the 2003/4 and 2004/5 awards are finalised and correct.

    What hope is there for someone less able (not blowing own trumpet), I ought to know all about this but still feel as though I have no control over what happens to my TC assessment. How could someone less able ever have any confidence that the assessment is correct ?

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