The Revised Regs (Spot the Difference)

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    I really do hope I'm missing something major here, feel free to humiliate me (PLEASE) but…

    … I've just started looking at the revised prescribed requirement regs and will ignore the name change for now, to do otherwise would be churlish wouldn't it?.

    They have also produced a brief publication note which sets out some of the more notable changes. 

    My concern is that I have not been able to find details of the less notable ones.  Does this mean we have to go through each set ourselves playing some kind of spot the difference game? – By way of an example Sch1 #7 has now moved to Sch 8 #5.

    I really hope I have missed something blindingly obvious (E.g. A full list of amendments I have overlooked) and am just making a pillock of myself.  If not, what is the ponit of trying to prepare a draft scheme until we have a set of Regs (as oppossed to draft ones).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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