Right Benefit & Council Tenant Rent Increases

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    I’ve just been trying to check whether our annual council tenant rent increases count towards Right Time and Right Benefit.

    According to A2/2008, it seems pretty clear that they count towards Right Time and I’ve looked through the subsequent circulars on performance, but am still not sure about Right Benefit. Can anyone confirm the position on this for me?


    As currently measured any change in entitlement counts towards right benefit. See in particular para. 7 of A10/2008 which refers specifically to “bulk changes in rent”


    Thanks Mary. That does seem to indicate that no changes are excluded from the Right Benefit indicator.


    But be aware that a circular will be coming out in the next week or so relating to measurement of the RB Indicator for 2009/10.


    I understood all LA tenancy rent increases were to be included as some LAs had undertaken a stock transfer but others hadn’t and this was to create a level playing field.


    I’m bumping this because I want to query how LA rent increases fit into the [b:669f0583ee]right time [/b:669f0583ee]indicator. Performance measures are very much my Achilles heel, but it has become necessary for me to read up on them. I am basically a beginner, so can someone help me out with this question? Thanks

    Circular A2/2008 said:

    [quote:669f0583ee]Include all changes except
    • automatic uprating of the HB/CTB applicable amounts and social security benefits
    • annual Council Tax increases
    • revisions to earlier decisions, eg following a reconsideration, appeal,
    • management check
    Note: [b:669f0583ee]The indicator will include all rent increases both LA and non-LA[/b:669f0583ee].[/quote:669f0583ee]

    But the guidance currently on the DWP website says:

    [quote:669f0583ee]Include all changes except:

    automatic uprating of the HB/CTB applicable amounts and social security benefits
    annual Council Tax increases [b:669f0583ee]or batch increases [/b:669f0583ee]
    revisions to decisions, e.g. following a reconsideration or appeal
    revisions following management checks. [/quote:669f0583ee]

    I have looked at circulars issued since A2/2008 but have not found anything that supersedes that circular on the specific point about Council rents or indeed batch runs generally.

    Does anyone know which is the more up to date of the passages quoted above? And am I right in thinking that there is no reason why batch rent increases should not be counted for the [b:669f0583ee]right benefit [/b:669f0583ee]indicator?

    chris harvey


    The reference to batch increases is pointed at CTB only (not HB) and means large scale (volume) increases such as uprating or if a council changes its Council Tax rates mid year after a budget substitution (rare occurrence but a possibilty). It does not mean overnight calcs picked up by systems (sometimes referred to as batchwork or mass calcs depending on your system).

    So all HB changes for rent increases will be counted for both right time and right benefit. Also CTB calcs done overnight (batchwork or mass calcs) will also be counted for right time measurements.


    Thanks very much Chris.


    Peter I assume you have looked at A13/2009 where this is confirmed and other guidance is also given?



    Reinvigorating this thread since the DWP’s recent bulletin G16/2009 (on the Right Benefit indicator).

    I’m no further forward on whether bulk rent increases should or shouldn’t be included because it seems to differ every time they write something about it but I am concerned as to the reliability of the data on HOBOD (surely not?). If, as they are suggesting, the HOBOD figures include [b:430164f5dc]all[/b:430164f5dc] bulk transactions then they are seriously [i:430164f5dc]under[/i:430164f5dc] recording the number of changes we have done (assuming that these would have come through in April and allowing for the fact that our last extract was in July). If, by some magical process, the Northgate HBMS extract has removed these bulk transactions before the data was sent to DWP then HOBOD is seriously [i:430164f5dc]over[/i:430164f5dc] recording our figures (by about 100%).

    No wonder they never publish them anywhere!


    Picking up Chris’s point on the reliability of data we’ve written today to the DWP asking for data to reconcile the published April (2009) figures against what we believe has happened in real life.

    We’ve asked for the case references for the changes they’ve got and this will help us identify the several thousand (we think) changes they haven’t counted. …which we can then tell them about.

    In previous discussion with DWP they’ve said they’re not aware of concerns LAs might have about the Right Benefit data on HoBOD….so I felt obliged to raise it with them.




    Roger, a while back we requested case references from the DWP for a similar analysis. They responded by saying they could not oblige, because of Data Protection! I would be very interested to hear how they deal with your request.


    Slightly off topic, but I have to share this. DWP wouldn’t give me a reference for a job applicant because of data protection even though we FAXed them a copy of the Council’s application form with her signature on it giving us permission to approach her referees! They had to send her a form to sign and return to them before they would communicate with us.

    I think they’ve disappeared up their own backside 😆

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