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    What’s your thoughts on the DWP Tacking Fraud and Error paper that came out in October? We are already feeling squeezed out by DWP colleagues who are making changes that affect us and how we work, without so much as a ‘whaddya think’? consultation

    Paul Howarth said in a webinar on Friday that the DWP want to include LA investigators in the single service from 2013. Unfortunately, actions taken so far since the paper came out seem to reflect the opposite


    I think you’ll find that Paul no longer has the influence that he once had, David Barr seems to be calling the shots.

    He seems to be of the opinion that the paper is how it’s going to be with little scope for change or L/A’s to get in on the act.

    The feeling on the LAIOG site seems to reflect this and as with other changes in the pipeline, there seems to be little resistance to all this from above within L/A’s.


    [i:fe8891e316]Unfortunately, actions taken so far since the paper came out seem to reflect the opposite[/i:fe8891e316]

    What actions? Our local DWP investigators are of the view that there should be jobs for all PINS trained staff from all three organisations, especially as they are going to recruit more investigators for their flying squads


    local actions by the DWP team we work with – including making radical decisions on changes in working practices that wholly affect us to, without so much as a ‘whaddya think of the change’………and admittance that their compliance officers are being skilled up and trained in PINS – and the decision made by our local DWP team that they are immediately going to issue cautions as soon as an IUC has been conducted (again without ANY regard for/consultation with LA)

    And us finding out that DWP have been working jointly with HMRC for the last 6 months re tax credit fraud, again without so much as a ‘come in and join us on this’………..

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