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    Has anybody received their Right Time estimate from DWP and had a chance to look if they appear accurate?

    I have looked (very briefly) at our data and it seems that the New Claims are considerably over-stated.

    Anybody else noticed this with your own data?


    It depends which report you are using to check it against! We are with Northgate and one report indicates the opposite to your experience(we have [i:d3d14baca0]more [/i:d3d14baca0]New Claims and [i:d3d14baca0]less [/i:d3d14baca0]Changes) and the actual performance figures are way out (DWP think we are doing worse on new claims and better on changes than we think we are). However another Northgate report agrees better with DWPs figures. They have based this one on the DWP derivation rules, which begs the question as to whether the DWP have got it right. Who knows (and dare I say, who cares)?


    I checked the DWP figures against our report from Northgate and they are different – out on both new claims and changes and the number of days. When I replied I said I didnt know who was right and who was wrong – at this stage though I did’nt think we would still be trying to compare apples and oranges!

    We are using an end to end measure for our service – which is from the date the customer says they want to claim to processed date – at the moment our performance is 5 days – we have been doing this since 17 August – our RT indicator is 8 days – 6 out of 10 claims are processed on day 1 either at the counter with the customer or if posted in on day of receipt if complete.
    so……. I don’t really care what the right time indicator is!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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