Romanian Partner of British National

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    We have a claim from a British National and his Romanian Partner.

    Partner entered the UK on 01.09.10 with her son. She has no NINO but has applied for one. She is currently back in Romania because her Mother is sick and so she is unable to attend a NINO appointment.

    Are we right in not paying the claim until we have the NINO outcome?

    Any help/advice welcomed! We don’t get many PFA cases and when we do they never seem straight forward!



    Not being unable to attend the interview is not fatal to the claim, you state she has applied for the NINO, so the requirement for SSAA (1B)(b) has been met.

    “(b) the person makes an application for a national insurance number to be allocated to him which is accompanied by information or evidence enabling such a number to be so allocated.”

    Hopefully the NINO is not refused, stating “not enough info provided”, before she returns, that would mean susspending the claim till the NINO issue is sorted.


    Thanks for your reply Kay, so am I right in thinking we could process the claim (and pay) just based on the claimant and leave the partner off until the NINO issue is sorted? The claimant is understandably chasing the claim and as they have already been homeless previously I don’t want to jeopardise their tenancy.


    No, the partner should go on as well with a dummy NINO. Set a diary note or something similar to follow up the NINO situation. If the NINO is refused for anything other than “subject to immigration control”, you should suspend, give them a month, and if the NINO issue is not resolved then terminate from the paid to date.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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