Room allocation for absent dependants

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    We have a new claim from a single parent (Polish Worker), she has 1 child living with her, 2 in Poland aged 18 & 16. Claimant receives child benefit & CTC based on all 3 kids.

    My understanding is that the 2 absent kids, have never lived here and there is no indication that they intend to do so – they live in the family home owned in Poland (father lives elsewhere in the UK)

    I am reluctant to include them as members of the household (regardless of child ben. award)- i dont consider her responsible for them, nor do i think she should get the extra rooms under LHA.

    Comments / Suggestions anyone ?


    Reg 7 of the HB regs states
    [quote:59bbea6fb3]7. Circumstances in which a person is or is not to be treated as occupying a dwelling as his home

    (1) Subject to the following provisions of this regulation, a person shall be treated as occupying as his home the dwelling normally occupied as his home—
    (a) by himself or, if he is a member of a family, by himself and his family; [/quote:59bbea6fb3]

    From what you have said, these young adults do not occupy the premeses as their normal home, so I would be tempted to not include them as household members. 8)


    Will process on this basis

    thanks jon

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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