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    We have an RSL at the moment, who will no longer be an RSL as not with the Housing Corporation list, but only a charity. What do we do with the current claims…

    a. Refer all claim them to RO for LRR
    b. Continue paying them as before
    c. Convert them to LHA

    I was thinking along the lines….look at terms and conditions of the transfer, who the main landlord is, refer all claims to RO, but look at each case individually if needs to be exempt accomodation.

    Any bright ideas….welcome


    My view is that there has been a change relating to a rent allowance in that there has been a “substantial change in ….the terms of the tenancy other than a term relating to rent”

    Therefore under Reg 14 you should refer to the RO. New claims would be LHA unless they fall in to the exempt catagory.

    Julian Hobson

    Can you just clarify whether they were ever an RSL (registered with Housing Corp) OR is it the case that you have now realised that they were never an RSL and ought not to have been classed as RSL cases all along.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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