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    Have any Local Authorities that are VF compliant experience of third party verification by RSL’s that they would be willing to share. Policies, procedures or even just advice on how to set this up

    Our RSL’s are very keen to help us with the VF, I am just unsure of how much more work this would require from the LA.

    Any help and advice would be gratefully received!!


    We decided not to do it for two reasons:

    Conflict of interests – i.e. it is in the landlords interests to get the claim sorted out ASAP. Might make them lax on the checking. (No disrespect like – its just a classic conflict of interests and therefore best avoided).

    Also any mistakes made by the RSL are the LAs responsibility. Didn’t like that condition very much.

    Overall we felt we had enough to deal with when we introduced VF so didn’t go down the RSL VF route.


    You’re right about possible conflict of interest but surely your assessor will be looking at the standard of VF anyway and won’t pay unless it’s ok.

    We run a number of RSL Vf schemes and once they realise what we need to process a claim they’re a lot more understanding.

    Rather than both the RSL and claimant complaining about delays etc we now only get the RSL. the claimant goes to them.

    As long as the training is good enough it can only save you time and money.


    Richard Uren

    hi we have had our two main RSLS verifying proof since 2004. it is a lot of work to set up . if you want to discuss give me a call.

    richard uren
    basingstoke and Deane

    tel 01256 845365


    Hi Tricia,

    We set up 3rd party VF with 2 small RSLs in 2004 to see how it went and have also now rolled this out to our main RSL (ex-Council stock) when we went through LSVT. Works ok for us. 🙂

    The main issue we found was ensuring you commit resources to effective training. We needed to do several separate sessions to catch all RSL staff and the training was quite intensive.

    Our County Social Services (Benefit Assessment/Fairer Charging) are also doing VF for us.

    Also considering Voluntary Agencies but haven’t signed up yet.


    With regard to your last statement, we wanted to go down this road in Wolverhampton.
    We were informed by the DWP (Adelphi) that this wasn’t possible, and even though we wanted to establish schemes with charitable organisations, it had to be RSLs only!! 😥 8)


    Hi John,

    I asked the question specifically at a DWP workshop on SAFE/VF in Leeds (or Manchester) as the guidance in the DWP A38/2003 circular was ‘vague’ to say the least. I was assured by DWP representative that para 10 of 38/2003 allowed any trusted 3rd party to carry out VF under contract/agreement.



    Hi we are just rolling out RSL VF does any one have any training notes or guides.

    It is quite a big job any help would this would be appreciated


    Dawn Graham


    VF was a subsidy scheme, and to get the subsidy LAs had to operate the scheme in accotdance with the strict rules.

    Since VF subsidy has now gone, doesn’t this mean that LAs can do pretty much whatever they like as regards obtaining stakeholder assistance in the preparation of claims? RSLs, advice agencies, anyone at all and to whatever extent the LA and the stakeholder find mutually helpful?


    This is probably really dopey but if you designate an RSL as a ‘designated office’, what date is the date of claim if the RSL issue a claim form on 01 November 2006 and the claimant returns it to the RSL or the LA on the 15 November 2006?

    Reg 2 seems to suggest that the ‘designated office’ can only receive claims which may reult in a loss of entitlement for some claimants.

    In theory this could affect changes of address between RSL properties depending on LA/RSL agreements and procedures.

    chris harvey

    The verbal intention to claim reg covers situations where a claimant has contacted a designated office and is sent a claim form. Provided it is returned to a designated office within the month then the date of claim is the date the verbal intention to claim was made. In your example 1st November.
    For stats purposes the clock starts ticking on 15th November.

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