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    Julian Hobson

    I’ve done a pretty intensive check of our 06/10/03 download and found in addition to the SC figure appearing in the AIF:

    a) the “printed off” etd’s have many errors. At least 15 of the 148 we received were actually notifications of death but no indication was given on the ETD that that was the case, we only found out by checking the RAT.

    a) for Anite at work users (ands others unless you are sure your suplier has it right) new module to import the download to images has errors (fundamental), I am working with them to resolve. main one being NON-PASSPORTED reads as Y PASSPORTED (would have been a big whoops) and capital over £16000 N/Y reads as over £160.00 (with no N or Y)

    I seriously advise everyone to check their ETD’S against the RAT.


    1. We have just had a customer in to our office with PC notification letter, Savings Credit figure on the ETD report ( although the same as the AIF, as above) differs from the amount on the notification.
    2. Has anyone else received a disc called HB ETD File viewer solution , which is supposed to enable viewing of ” large ETD files” , from the DWP? Do we install the program on the main server, individual PCs, or the RATS PCs?
    Any help appreciated.


    we got the disc from the dwp and have installed it on the hard drive of one pc, yet to try viewing anything, will keep you posted. I’m not sure why we might need this as the upload to sx3 allows us to view data before updating.

    Julian Hobson

    Another word of caution – the latest missive from TPS said that although the SC figure was reporting in the AIF field, we could calculate the AIf by adding together the appropriate income breakdown on the ETD, Having looked at about 40 so far, I’d be confident of doing that in two cases.

    If you have given out that instruction take it back ASAP as it would appear that the breakdown is woefully inadequate for that purpose in most cases. In almost all the cases I looked at there was no SRP as income in savings credit only cases. e.g. You might see £39.40 occ pension as the entirety of the income used in the calc with Sc award of £1.31. In this case £39.40 is obviously not the AIF.

    NHB5’s (ammended) seem to be the only way forward, I don’t hold out any hope for corrected ETD’s when the problem is resolved this week, they MIGHT be on the scan but can you risk it ?


    Out of 7 Savings credit only ETDs dated 13.10.03, and printed today, only one is correct, and that is due to the fact that the claimant had £46,000.00 capital and did not qualify.

    Using the Pension credit calculator, the figures do not relate to the amounts received, and no-one appears to receive state pension.

    Does anyone know if the DWP are printing Monthly private pensions on ETDs.

    Better news tomorrow??

    Julian Hobson

    Did everyone get the updated ETD V5 letter (sent as a dear Benefit Manager letter yesterday)

    a few problems have been identified and everything (bar some of the problems) should be fixed for etd’s arriving on the 16th.

    Derrick -I agree wholeheartedly with your observations anbd we have sent NHB5’s for the AIF for our cases. I wouldn’t recommend anyone calculate their own AIF from the breakdowns given OR that you use the breakdown at all: most seem wholly inadequate.


    Are any other Anite users having ETD cancellation notices without a cancellation date?

    I ran them off on paper, and found that the cancellation date was displayed, but on the DIPS system the date is blank.

    We are reporting it to Anite, but I wondered if anyone else had this problem


    Even though we dont use Anite we have the same problem with CIVIC our dip system – we are still waiting for our new release to be input so that we can read the new format of data from ETD’s in the meantime we are having to print the ETD’s off. Apparently all software DIP systems where aware that they would need a new release in order for us to read the additional fields for Pensioner’s ETD as well as the new format of Working Age ETD’s – this was due to the new release 5 of ETD’s – great eh!


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