Sale of Scottish Property Without Certificate of Completion

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    Mike Bailey

    Any takers for advice on Scottish property law?

    I have a claimant in England who jointly owns a property in Scotland with her former partner who remains in the property (gone 6 months+, no children in property etc)

    The Scottish property would appear to be undergoing some sort of conversion. However, at the last count the council were still waiting for 20 specific issues to be dealt with before it would issue a completion certificate.

    My claimant tells me that without a certificate of completion the property cannot be put on the market under scottish law. Therefore she has appealed our decision to include as capital the value of her share as calculated by the Valuation Office Agency.

    My amateur sleuthing on the internet has not brought up details of any prohibition on sale in Scotland and I wondered if anyone out there can confirm the situation.

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