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    Hi All

    Please could someone clarify, if you have a partner who dies and is in receipt of Pension Credits (savings), would you suggest suspending the claim for 1 month to allow for the new information and then cancel as normal. But of course allowing backdate when the new information is received.

    Also if it is the claimant who has passed away would you again suspend the claim or cancel straight away. Again allowing time for the partner to reclaim.

    If anyone knows of some good notes on this subject, please could you let me know.

    Thanks alot Jude


    You can probably avoid suspension in both cases.

    For a deceased partner the AIF can remain in place if it was our claimant’s pension credit award. By removing the partner from the household straight away the applicable amount will drop and lower HB will be paid until the revised AIF is received. This protects the claimant from the worst aspects of not paying any benefit while at the same time guarding against overpayments. If for any reason the new AIF is higher the chances are you wouldn’t be going back with it anyway.

    If the deceased partner was the person with the PC award you could just take the elements of income that ‘belonged’ to the claimant (SRP, OCC etc) and assess based on that until their new claim for PC is processed. You wouldn’t be going back with the PC award anyway if it was going to reduce entitlement.

    Where it is the claimant who dies I don’t see any advantage to suspending rather than ending the award straight away. We send a letter to surviving partner explaining that they now need to claim in their own name and providing a short form as well as the phone number to register an intent to claim within the month.

    Darren Tompkins

    We had some concerns with cbucks approach if it is the deceased partner who was receiving PC. How can you just use the claimant’s income from the AIF as this could change quite a lot after a death? For example, SRP would increase and may start getting private pensions from deceased partner – these would need to be taken back creating an overpayment even if you don’t take the PC award back. To get round this we contact the claimant and explain their may be a delay in the PC claim being processed and ask if they want us to make an ‘interim’ assessment based on the income we know about but advise them that if an overpayment occurs then we will need to recover this. We also contact the Local Pension Service and get them to visit and fast-track the new PC claim.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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