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    julie lankshear


    we have received a Pension Credit award letter stating on the first page that the award of PC is £7.13 but when you look at the calculation page it shows no guarantee credit and £1.37 savings credit. We did a memo to query which one is correct and the reply we got was that the Savings Credit award was £7.13 pw but there is a savings credit reduction bringing it down to £1.37. Does anyone know what they mean by savings credit reduction? Do we take the £7.13 or the £1.37?



    Deductions are made for Housing Costs – however the award notice that we had whereby a deduction was made for Housing Costs, explained this in the award notice, so we could clearly see the reason for the deduction. 🙄

    julie lankshear

    Thanks Ness. Have had a look at the award letter but there is no mention of housing costs. She is a LA tenant with no ent to GC only SC. I think it must be an error on the PS side as doing a manual calc she would only be entitled to the lower amount anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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