Savings Credit Uprating ETDs

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    Hello folks,


    Can anybody advise on the following? (And I apologise in advance if this is a daft question- have not dealt with PCSC for a while..)


    This year we seem to have many Savings Credit cases where we have received 3 lots of uprating ETDs. The 1st lot seemed to come in in January, the 2nd and 3rd lots came in together in February 


    1st ones – (Received in Jan) seemed correct uprating ETDS- They showed uprated state pensions and showed uprated PCSC and PCAIF amounts- effective from 8th April.


    2nd ones- (Received in February) showed different uprating amounts for the period 1/4/13 – 14/04/13.  The difference between these ones and the 1st ones was that the partner's state pension had NOT been uprated– and was taken account of in the AIF as the 2012/13 pension amount.


    3rd ones- (Received at same time as the 2nd ones)- showed the exact same figures as the 1st ETD's – ie had both state pensions uprated and showed the same PCSC/PCAIF figures as the 1st ones- but with a start date of 15/4/13.


    Have others had ETDs like these?

    Does anyone know why we should be getting the "2nd ones"- ie ETDs showing a different amount for the first 2 weeks in April- with the partner's state pensions NOT having been uprated ?

    What should we be doing with these?  Just ignore the "2nd ones"- and apply the 3rd ones from 1st April 2013 ie treat the 3rd ones as the "uprating"?  Or use both ETDs and have the HB/CTR entitlement different in the first 2 weeks in April, than it is from the 3rd week onwards?

    Any advice would be much appreciated- Thanks

    Darren Tompkins

    It may be due to tax changes on the Pensions. Regardless of the reason, I would just ignore the first two and apply the last one (as long as dated before 15/04) from 01/04/13.


    Thanks for your reply Darren,

    But that’s really the problem- the 3rd ETDs seem to all have an effective date of 15th April 2013- so just outside the 2 weeks of “uprating”.

    Should I just assume the 2nd ETDs are an error and apply the 3rd ones from 1st April?


    Darren Tompkins

    I might be wrong, but I read HB(SPC) Reg 41(9) to include the 15th – ‘…from a date on or after 1st April in any year but not more than 14 days thereafter…’


    Thanks again Darren,

    I had been thinking that would just be 1st to 14th of April, but as you say- it probably does include the 15th. So- aye- i think i’ll just go with what you are suggesting.

    Thanks again

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