Savins Credits and Capital

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    HB/CTB being paid, capital assessed as under 16K. However, we have now received an ETD from PS stating that capital is 38K and she does not qualify for PCS. We looked into this and it seems that when claimant first applied for PC’s back in 2004 that was her capital. She has not submitted docs to the PS to verify her capital, so they have used the original figure. My question is should we cancel her HB/CTB or should we go by our own investigations into her capital which show under 16K? Unable to prove deprivation.


    If there is an AIP in force & you are satisfied capital has risen above £16k since that was set, then you can should end claim when this happened (HB SPC Reg 27(8)


    If the claimant does not qualify for Pension Credit you shold not use their figures as far as I am aware. You need to verify the income and capital yourself. If you are satisifed that they have below £16,000 you should pay HB/CTB

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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