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    Has anyone received any further information regarding the Uprating scans for Savings Credit.

    What are other sites doing?

    [color=green:0d95737d2a]1. Putting uprated SC ETDs to one side,for now?
    2. Filing them and trusting the scans?
    3. Inputting the details now?[/color:0d95737d2a]


    The first scan should be with you around the begining of March, via ETD. Monthly scans will follow.

    The ETD is not wrong merely incomplete in that the system only picks up the first change and not subsequent ones. The scan will give you a complete record of all changes.

    You have no legal power to disregard ETD’s and I see no reason not to action them. If you do not, there is the possibility of LA official errors. Mind you, I can fully appreciate your reasons for thinking about doing so.


    We made the decision to carry on using the ETD’s and then to use the scan as a belt and braces excercise, for the reasons stated by Peter, to avoid any LA ops.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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