Second Home or Sole/Main Residence

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    We have a case where a british couple have bought a property in Portugal and moved there – not sure where they lived prior to this.

    They have also just bought a property in our area which they class as a holiday home and state that their main residence is Portugal.

    They will use the property in our area for 2 months in the year.

    Should we award % as a 2nd home or should we charge full council tax?

    Alternatively should we award 50% whilst they are in Portugal but charge full council tax when they are here?



    If I were faced with this problem I’d be looking to ask which of the two properties did they consider to be “home”?

    Once that had been established I’d charge accordingly.

    If it was decided that the Portuguese property is now home then I’d charge Council Tax as a second home for the year.

    (A situation made easier for us in this borough as we only offer a 10% discount on second homes)


    Thanks Phil, I thought I would never get a reply.

    That makes sense. There has been mention of reducing the second home discount in this area too but nothing official as of yet. But 10% was mentioned!

    Many thanks


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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