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    We have received our second scan today, but have only identified 140 cases that were not on the first scan – we were expecting a lot more. Has anyone else received the scan? If so are the results any better?

    Also is there going to be another scan later this month?

    Julian Hobson

    Got it – with another 193 SC cases on (don’t know how many extra G or GS cases)

    Word of caution two AIF’s on the scan for our SC cases were wrong:
    1) £73.16 (should have been £220.28 ) and

    2) £34.13 (should have been £114.13).

    Which I have now raised with Pension Credit Project (didn’t want to know).

    I think this is crucial and calls into question the integrity of the scan. Anyone else identified any SC only cases on the scan with wayward AIF’s ?

    Have raised with the adelphi because ultimately they want this to be right and HB award to be right (I don’t think TPS give a monkeys)

    Julian Hobson

    Looks like they give a monkey now. Dear BM letter received today. The third Scan is on its way 30th October, with the cases I referred to corrected.


    We are just about to update our database with the information contained on the second scan.

    Am I correct in saying that in the Savings Credit only cases, the Savings Credit amount and AIF should only be added to the person’s claim from the Monday following the date we received the scan unless we were previously notified via ETD?

    I assume this is correct as the award of Savings Credit will, in most cases, cause a decrease in their HB/CTB.

    Am I right with what I am saying?


    You probably haven’t had a reply because the whole question of whether the AIF is treated as an income under Reg 68 and the SC under 68B is still with the lawyers, as far as I know. Unless there has been an update on this, anyone?


    I spoke to dwp about this and was advised that the date to use is the date we received the scan for Savings Credit cases. So yes you are right in what you assume according to them.

    I had previously asked by e-mail but had no response so I have also asked that the advice be sent via a reply to my e-mail, along with a few other questions that we’ve been waiting a reply on for a couple of weeks. Will post when received.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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