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    I am looking for some advice on two issues relating to Tax Credits

    1. We have a new HB/CTB claim from someone who finished work in December and is getting JSA(cont). Her bank statements show that she is still getting WTC so we phoned the IR. They have stated that they know she has stopped work but the system has’nt done what it should have done and ended her WTC! So although she is still getting paid the money she is not entiled to it and they will be caliming it back from her!!!

    What do we do ignore it or use the WTC in the assessment of her HB/CTB?

    2. We are getting an increasing number of cases where there have been multiple changes in WTC and CTC awards during the year. We had one yesterday where there were 13 different changes!

    If the person has been on continual HB since April 2003 do we have to supercede our original decision to take into account all of these changes?

    Could this get anymore complicated??

    david kearney

    not entirely related, but according to a jobcentre plus bod at a meeting of welfare rights/cab reps last week, the inland revenue, as part of the coming year end work will be sending out a renewal claim for wtc/ctc for each period of change, so in the 13 cases example the customer would have to complete and return 13 separate renewal forms, if they are not all returned the claim will be suspended. Haven’t heard any confirmation of this but it looks like things are going to get considerably worse. (the inland revenue representative didnt turn up!)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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