Self-Assessment Tax Calculation

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    Can anybody advise:

    I have received a Self-assessment tax calculation for a pensioner. Her only income is SRP. The assessment is covering April 10 to Mar 11 showing income as £7329 and personal allowance as £6475. It states that she owes £170.80 and it is due by the 31 January 2012.

    I sopke to HMRC who confirmed if a state pension exceeds tax allowance then self-assessment is required. Tax is not deducted at source, therefore tax is recoverable at end of financial year.

    My question is… How do I treat this information..??

    If this lady has to pay tax back for a previous year then this should be an allowable expense. But how do I apply. I cannot add as an expense to the claim, as this senario is not covered. If I go back and reduce SRP from April 10 – this will effect subsidy.

    Any Idea’s..??


    HB(SPC)Reg 33(12): In the case of any income taken into account for the purpose of calculating a person´s income, there shall be disregarded any amount payable by way of tax.

    Discussed here:

    So yes I would go back and ammend. Only difficulty is time limit for requesting a revision but there are ways to get around that (eg any-time revision).

    You can use this website to check the tax figures for any tax year:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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