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    merry xmas kitty kats,

    got one here – where a customer has submitted his self employed accounts which includes staff costs of £5,000 of secretarial work which is done by his partner  – so i deduct the staff costs from the self employed accounts, but i also include them now as his partner's income – do i just £5000/52 to get the weekly income or do i need to consider anything else

    i cant see anything else to do, but something is nagging me about this – so i thought i would ask you





    Kevin D

    I agree with your analysis. The clmt cannot have it both ways. If it is wages paid out, it must be earnings for the recipient of those wages. So, yes, allowable expense, but earnings for the partner.

    It’s ironic. It’s unlikely there will be any tax/NI (PAYE applies) deduction for the partner’s wages. Had it been retained in the clmt’s s/e calc and been high enough for s/e tax/NI, the clmt may well have been better off.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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