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    Amanda Gordon

    I would appreciate any advice on a claim we have received:

    Customer self employed but from October 08 is no longer working as Self Employed. He does not qualify for JSA(IB) as his partner works and they receive WTC & CTC. The Customer has been advised by the DWP to continue to say he is self employed although he will be making no money and look for another job – this will allow for his to continue to receive WTC.

    The Customer has no accounts of his self employed, receipts of any earnings – he was a handyman and made very little from this. He is applying from Nov 08 after his business technically stopped trading.

    Calculating the claim on just his partner’s earnings, WTC,CTC & CB he qualifies for partial HB/CTB but we are unsure what to use as income for his especially as we cannot get any details of earnings and he is no longer in business

    Any advice gratefully received


    If you’re satisfied that he doesn’t have any income then you should assess him wil “nil income”. At least, that’s what i’d do. 😆

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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