Self Employed Assessment Period over 1 year

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    Alex G


    I have, errrrrrrrr… a friend in a LA who has a claim.., that is based on Self Employed Earnings.

    The SEE was calculated in 2007.

    The claim has not been reviewed until now.

    Reg 30 indicates that the assessment period [i:e2a80bf49a]should [/i:e2a80bf49a]not be more than a year. But what happens now?

    Should the SEE be reviewed from 2008 – one year on from 2007? Or do I make a supercession from the current date ?

    Any advice or thoughts would be welcomed,


    What has actually caused it to be “reviewed” now?

    Kevin D

    As for the method of calculation earnings, it could be that more than one “assessment period” must be considered – it can be shorter than one year (this assumes it’s a working-age claim). So, if your LA is looking to look at awards for a period going back more than one year, evidence of earnings will need to be in blocks not exceeding one year.

    If, within any assessment period, there is an identifiable change of circs, that takes effect from the Monday following the change in accordance with HBR 79(7). There is no legal basis on which SEE changes are treated differently from the majority of other income changes (relevant benefits being an obvious exception).

    Alex G

    There was a hbms scan for unchanged tax credits that had also been running since , dare I say it, 2007.



    There is no requirement to review (ie recalculate) self-employed earnings every year. The assessment period relates to the period over which the earnings are calculated, say a particular tax year. You only [u:0ee2390daa]need[/u:0ee2390daa] to reassess s/e earnings if there has been a change in circumstances, although in practice most authorities would review such earnings more regularly.

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