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    Hoping someone may be able to help regarding the processing of sensitive cases.

    Currently our sensitive cases are dealt with manually and information is not held on our system and I am looking at ways to amend this.

    I know that claims can have restrictions placed on them so only x, y or z can view them however this does not help restrict the information contained in any reports that can be run – even a simple report detailing all HB cases in payment.

    Does anyone process sensitive cases on iWorld? If so, how do you totally restrict the information on system.



    Well basically you can’t, or at least not satisfactorily. We can lock down claims to certain roles but, as you say, they appear on reports etc. Even more confusingly, if some post comes in from the claimant a search will find no record so an innocent assessor is in danger of creating a duplicate claim! If you’re viewing from council tax you can still see there’s benefit on the account – the account would need to be locked down within Revenues as well to restrict their access


    Thanks Chris – unfortunately that is what I thought.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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