Service charge for last year’s service charge deficit

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    I have some rent increases from a registered provider.  Amongst the usual suspects; communal heat, cleaning etc is a charge for 'deficit carried over from previous year'.

    This deficit is presumably an amount that the landlord spent providing service which was not met by the year's eligible service charge.

    Before requesting clarificaton of what services caused the deficit to be raise, I would like to confirm whether such a charge would indeed be eligible for housing benefit.

    For instance, were eight of last year's ten eligible charges to be not quite sufficent to pay for the required services, but the amounts (including this year's catch-up charge) remained reasonable, would the deficit charge be eligible to pay?



    I dont see why not in principle. Many properties used to have variable service charges and it is difficult to be exact in what to charge these days of rising fuel costs for instance. I agree though that it is important to know more about these; if they arose because “HB would not meet these costs” then the answer is clear!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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