Shared Accommodation Rate- please help!

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    Hello all,


    Can anyone give me some advice with the following?


    When should the "Shared Accommodation Rate" apply to a claim?


    My understanding (probably muddled) is that it applies-

    – where the accommodation IS actually shared, or

    – "artificially" where a claimant is under 35 and lives alone.


    But I'm begining to doubt my understanding of the FIRST bit because of some decisions we have recently had from the rent officer.  We have a property which is basically a 3 bedroomed house, where each room is rented out.  So each tenant has their own room and shared use of a bathroom and kitchen.  It is a board and lodgings property (ie is not LHA) and there is a high turnover of tenants.  Because of this high turnover we have asked the Rent Officer for a couple of annual decisions for the property- rather than refer for each tenant.


    They have given the following decisions-

    One occupier over 35 – Claim Related Rent- £90.33pw

    Under 35- Shared Accommodation Rate- £58.12pw


    I was surprised at this- as had expected that both decisions would be the Shared Accommodation Rate- because regardless of age- the property is SHARED.  But I have queried this (twice now) with the rent officer- who says the Shared Accommodation Rate would not apply to the older age group because the Local Reference Rent for the area is higher than the Shared Accommodation Rate.  This just does not fit with how I understand this should work?


    Can anybody tell me what I am missing here? 


    I think the difference is food. The under 35 Single Room Rent should be the same as the Local Reference Rent for HMO shared accommodation, whereas the LRR for over 35s is going to be based on area-average B&B rates which you normally find are a bit higher.

    Have a look at para 4(2)(b) of Schedule 1 to the RO(HB Functions)(Scotland) Order, and then contrast it with para 5(2). The LRR takes food into account if food is provided, the SRR never does.


    Okay Peter,

    I’ll have a look at the Schedule- Thanks for your help


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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