Shared or 1 Bedroom LHA Rate

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    I have a complex case which is about to go to Tribunal.

    Mr H started to rent an appartment in Nov 08 he is single under 25yrs on children and no SPD. We awarded HB on Shared Accomm (under 25). From Monday following 25th Bday amended to 1 bedroom LHA (Dec 2008 ). Difficult bit is from June 09 2nd tenant moves in now has shared use of Kitchen and Living room and has exclusive use of Bedroom, bathroom, toilet & Media Room (used to be 3rd bedroom).

    We have paid shared accommodation from June 09 but his arguement is Mr H has exclusive use of 2 rooms? does the media room count?.

    Oh just to confuse the issue evenmore, Landlord is Mr H father (Commerciality has been passed)


    I don’t think it’s too complex, the media “room” is still a room.


    Thanks Kay for your link, I posted this after a 2 hour conversation with the Landlord, and my brain was scrambled.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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