Shared Ownership tenancies

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    Please can someone confirm if shared ownerships are excluded tenancies and therefore are exempt from RO referral and LHA? We have one which is part owned and part rented through a Housing Association. I think they used to be excluded and then the regs changed and we were advised to refer them again regardless of whether they rented from a HA or RSL. One has just come back from Rent Service advising they are outside scope of scheme as excluded tenancy. Thanks


    Can’t quote chapter and verse off the top of my head, BUT:

    I worked at a Registered Social Landlord until Summer last year and certainly up to that point our shared ownership tenants did not seem to have any RO or other restrictions on their eligible rent. They seemed to always be based on full liability and we had no indication they were being referred.

    This was across several LA areas so seems to be a common, hopefully correct, approach.


    [color=indigo:3838893fef][b:3838893fef]Yes, we treat the HA shared ownership properties as normal HA claims. No RO decisions need to be made as far as we are aware. we just use FULL rent costs minus any personal service charges and assess as a normal HA claim. (hope we are doing it right)! 😀 [/b:3838893fef][/color:3838893fef]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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