Shared Room Rate or 1 Bedroom rate?

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    The property set up is as follows:
    2 bedroomed apartment
    1 living room
    1 main bathroom
    1 ensuite bathroom
    1 kitchen

    The tenancy agreement is between four joint tenants . we have two claims which shows that the four tenants are 2 couples. They have no children.
    The claimants have confirmed that they all share the ensuite and the main bathroom, they do not have exclusive use of a bathroom each. Even if they did does the bathroom count as another room?

    from the set up i dont think they can show that they have exclusive use of two or more rooms or exclusive use of 1 room with a bathroom, a toilet [b:e2995779c2]and[/b:e2995779c2] a kitchen or facilities for cooking

    Do you think it would be correct that both couples claims should be paid at the shared room rate?


    Sharing the en suite 😯 ?? Sounds………………..cosy 🙄 !

    Shared room rate.


    [quote:bb91821108]has the exclusive use of one room, a bathroom and toilet and a kitchen or facilities for cooking[/quote:bb91821108]

    one room check
    bathroom fail
    toilet fail
    kitchen fail
    cooking ???

    They share the en-suite? Sounds like a very close relationship, who may have thought that answering that way would have increased the level of benefit payable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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